Welcome to YALT

This site is really under construction! Hopefully, there will be a more reasonable site around April, 20.

Project description

In short: YALT is a java web application which handles user lookup against a LDAP server. Features:
YALT is a java web application, distributed as a war archive. In a way, it's a showcase for jakarta, using several subprojects there (struts, velocity, poi,log4j) - see http://jakarta.apache.org .


The code is from my current point of view feature complete and works for me.  It's has not been deployed to other sites, so porting issues are likely to occur to some extent. Reports are welcome.

Code is uploaded to cvs, see http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/yalt/

Mailing lists (announce, user and develop) are created but not available when I'm writing this.

Most important task for the moment is to update this site... As stated above, I plan to do this around April, 20. At this time, a fmore formal release also will  be available

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